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Welcome to Pack 201!

Welcome to Boonton Scouting Pack 201!

The Boonton Cub Scout program is for first through fifth grade boys.  The Boy Scout Troop is for six grade through high school boys. The cub scouts have regular monthly meetings which include games, skits and a craft.  Boy scouts meet three times a month to work towards their badges. Some of our regular activities include the Pinewood Derby, Cubmobile races, camping and hiking.  We help our town by participating in food drives, clean-ups and more.

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Our History

(Courtesy of Lloyd Charlton)

Scouting came to Boonton with the chartering of Troop 1 on September 9, 1910. The same year that Robert Baden-Powell brought Scouting to the United States.  Francis E. Norris was the first Scoutmaster of  Boonton Troop 1.  The Troop has been in continuous service ever since.

The Boonton scouts has sponsored two other Troops during various times.  Troop 2 was formed in the 1920’s, but became inactive, then became active again in the late 30’s and early 40’s before merging into Troop 1.  Most recently active from 1951-1992.

Troop 3 was formed in the 40's and lasted 15-20 years before disbanding. The Troop restarted in 1956 at St.Cyril’s Church.

Troop 71 was Active in the 40’s and the early 1950’s at our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

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Get Involved

Would you like to be involved in the planning of events...

This is a great opportunity to come and get involved with the pack and the activities that we will be doing throughout the year.

Come and join us at our committee meetings which can be found using the Interactive Calendar Link above.

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We are looking for pictures to be included in our annual DVD slideshow.
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